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Sermons from the life of our community

Sundays, 9:30am
As a church that is actively discerning what sort of future God has in store for us, we are currently experimenting with a new structure for our times of gathered worship.

At 9:30, with coffee and snacks in hand!, we gather around tables and open the pages of Scripture together. This is a guided, but highly participatory time of conversation about  what we discover in the Bible about God, his mission in the world, and our invitation to know and follow Jesus as his disciples. 

Then, around 10:15, we transition into the sanctuary for a time of prayer, contemplation, and singing. On the first Sunday of the month we also come around the Lord's table together, remembering and giving thanks for Christ's sacrifice as a gift through which God brings about healing, forgiveness, reconciliation, and recreation! 

Our time of worship comes to a close around 11 or shortly after and all are welcome to join us for both or either portions of our worship. 

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