As Rev. Price’s ministry ended in 2000, Rev. Bill Seymour was called from his role as Youth and Associate Pastor to serve as the church’s twelfth pastor. In 2002, as an expression of its commitment to downtown Canton, the church launched a major renovation that included interior upgrades, a new entranceway and gathering space to better accommodate visitors, and an addition for office and classroom space. 

In January 2005, the congregation voted to part ways with the United Church of Christ, becoming an independent, non-denominational church under the name, “First Church of the Resurrection.” Rev. Dr. Bruce Mont was called as the church’s thirteenth pastor later that year.   In 2010, the church celebrated its two hundred year anniversary. During Rev. Mont’s pastorate, the Constitution and Bylaws were updated and a new leadership structure was adopted for the spiritual leadership of the church, with an emphasis on outreach and evangelism. In 2016 a wooden cross was dedicated in the far west parking area to mark out a sacred space for neighbors and passersby.