In 2018, as Rev. Mont concluded thirteen years of ministry, the congregation made two major decisions concerning its future. First, as new questions arose over the church’s viability in downtown Canton, the congregation again voted to remain, believing that God had more in store for its life in this place. One expression of this was the church’s willingness to donate several parcels of land to Refuge of Hope for the construction of a new men’s shelter and meal ministry.

Around the same time, the congregation was approached by RiverTree Christian Church about partnering to found a community development and leadership initiative. Sensing the leading of the Holy Spirit, First Church of the Resurrection donated its building to RiverTree, helping to found The One Center for Leadership.

In 2019 the church took another step of faith, calling Rev. Dr. JR and Rev. Amy Rozko to serve as Co-Lead Pastors. As the church’s fourteenth pastorate, this call represented an embrace of a style of leadership that the church had never known in its more than two-hundred-year history.

2020 was an era-defining year in the United States and around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic brought massive forms of disruption in all facets of life, especially church life. From March 2020 through March 2021, the congregation gathered for worship virtually and in parking lot services. In-person services resumed Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021.

In May 2023, First Church found itself once again in the midst of a transition with Rev. Dr. JR and Rev. Amy Rozko resigning as co-pastors to focus their attention on other areas of ministry that they felt deeply called to. Throughout the Spring & Summer of 2023, RiverTree Christian Church leadership stepped in alongside the First Church congregation to continue Sunday services. A congregational vote in August 2023 led to a vote in favor of merging First Church under the RiverTree Movement of church locations. An excitement under the leadership of RiverTree's Vision Leader, Jason Lantz is leading toward a revitalization of the church at-large as of today. We welcome you to join us in rebirthing and relaunching this incredible, historic church!