OUR Mission

We live to raise the dead with Jesus.

Our Values

Honor Multigenerational Faith

First Church of the Resurrection is a Historic Church that has passed on faith in Jesus Christ for over 200 years.  We want to stand on the shoulders of those who came before us and pass on our faith to generations that come after us.

Gather in Agape Love

Our Sunday morning gatherings are intentionally simple but expectantly powerful to encounter the love of God found in Jesus Christ. We will not over produce our gatherings, but instead emphasize our need for the Holy Spirit, God’s Word, and each other to experience Agape Love in a way that draws us closer to God and one another.

Multiply Kingdom Leaders

The One Center for Leadership is a ministry of First Church of the Resurrection that exists to Multiply Kingdom Leaders who transform the community of Canton. We will invest our time into helping leaders of all kinds have a community that they can call home.

Steward Resources Generously

We want to steward God’s resources for the sake of God’s Kingdom. One of the ways we do this is through annual Christmas generosity initiatives in the months of November and December every year and a special Christmas Eve offering where 100% goes  to bless an organization each year.

Walk Like the Twelve

Our expectation of our church partners is that each person would intentionally invest in 12 relationships like Jesus did.  We will also form and send missional communities to be the church where we live and work and play. We will regularly have “Sent Sundays” throughout the year where we will not gather on Sunday at the church building, but instead act as the church that has left the building.